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Dubai hosts IRO Rescue dogs - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Police K9 hosts IRO for a veterinarian study from the Munich University. The Saint Bernard dog is most famous rescue dog in the world, but since the monks of Switzerland rescued lost people in the mountains, a lot of time has past and more other breeds have proven to do the work even much better. But certain breeds might be able to work better in the snow as being much lighter in weight, other breeds are more apt to rescue people in water, others are better climbers. One fact is that most important of all is that they should have super noses and a will to search and climb.

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Reddingshonden hebben eigen boot

foto Corné Sparidaens

Door Frits Poelman.
Groningen Als een duveltje uit een doosje schoot hij gistermiddag opeens het Eemskanaal in Groningen op, de nieuwe LUMA reddingboot. Die is in de stad ontwikkeld en gebouwd voor de reddingshondengroep Noord‑Oost Nederland ( Het nieuwe boottype is geschikt voor allerlei hulpdiensten.

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